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Here a meaningful selection of the projects I took care of over the last few years as a consultant, digital educator, and philosopher.

Digital Learning and Cultural Transformation Consultant  

As a digital learning expert, I help companies and public institutions build their educational programs. I support corporates developing management training, in an offline, digital or blended format. I work with institutions designing the infrastructure for their digital educational offers. Cultural Transformation and innovative digital pedagogy are my focus. I design idea generation processes, transformation pedagogy journeys, problem-solving and project-oriented programmes. I am a trained agile worker and a value-driven user-centred designer. I'm also an experienced pitch coach. 


Teaching in times of Corona Virus

Selected by the German government between hundreds of initiatives to tackle the challenge of the pandemic, Teaching in Times of Corona is a shorter, more accessible version of a broader course that I authored with Sophia Burton, supported by Kiron Open Higher Education and the University of Lübeck. It aims to support teachers worldwide deal with a digital environment

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Online Teaching  

an instructor's guide for dealing with digital, diverse classrooms

I am the co-author of this course, produced with Kiron Open Higher Education in cooperation with TH Lübeck. It is a programme that will equip you with the necessary introductory skills to plan, prepare, and hold online courses with diverse groups, with an emphasis on digital pedagogy. You will receive an introduction to the fundamentals of online teaching and challenges to e-learning from the perspective of blended learning professionals. The course provides you with a certificate of completion

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CODE University

Philosophy Lecturer 

CODE is a newly founded university of applied science with the mission of forming tomorrow's digital pioneers. My mission there, as a part of the Science, Technology and Society program (STS) is to help students critically engage with the social impact of their work, understand the political forces they are feeding as well as deepen their history, philosophy and art knowledge.


EdTech Startups

My journey in online education started in 2011 in Berlin when  I helped build a company that would become one of the biggest European Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) providers, with more than 1 million students. First, I was responsible for international academic relationships. I then worked as a ​consultant for European partner universities in digital strategy and supported them through ​conceiving and producing of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). I also gained experience as a Business Developer, creating​ educational offers for professionals who want to enhance their ​21. century skills, central for the business model of the company.


Non Profit Sector

In 2016 I joined a 4 years project for the ​Ministry of Education ​of Germany, supporting Kiron Open Higher Education in building a ​blended learning program for 30,000+ refugee students. I coordinated the project designing the blended learning offer, ​exploring innovative pedagogical approaches in online and blended learning, experimenting with instructional design, and combining asynchronous elements with live online classes. I also developed several "train the trainer" courses and conducted scientific research on strategies to enhance engagement in the digital classroom, learning portfolios and community management;
Ultimately, I guided the tech team in designing learning features of the digital campus.


My book 

In this academic work, published in Italy by Clinamen, I explored the impact of the experience of being a foreigner on critical thinking. Articulating a "philosophy of the elsewhere", I argue that the alienating experience of being a stranger is as well able to bring out the stringent question of meaning and forces us to re-think the horizon of our existence. 


Current Research

Phd Student at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

I'm currently writing about Judith Bulter and the concept of collective performativity. My research aims at exploring the possibility of a collective subjectivity for political action. My research question points towards a collective understanding of activist practices and how they can reconfigure our understanding of activism and impacts change.

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